Today You Is!

Lil scrap let us know during his solo audition that when it comes to his still relatively limited experience with guy-on-guy sex, he has always been a dominant “top” who enjoys being the one in control. And since his monster dick usually gets all the attention and tends to attract submissive “bottoms,” that has always worked out just fine….Until now!With lil scrap asleep in the other room, stylez and spice discuss their unforgettable threesome from the previous night and how they couldn’t help but notice the phat ass on scrap, or the fact that he never reciprocated by sucking their dicks.Stylez pulls out a set of hand and leg cuffs and devises a devious plan to “turn the tables” on lil scrap and have some forbidden fun with the sexy “strict top” in a way they hadn’t been permitted the previous night!Stylez and spice sneak into the dark bedroom where lil scrap is asleep. They carefully pull down the covers to expose the enticing bubble-butt popping up and out of his basketball shorts, almost daring to be given some long overdue attention!”we’re in control now!” stylez whispers to spice with a devilish grin after slowly sliding down lil scrap’s shorts and cautiously cuffing him in his sleepLil scrap wakes up in cuffs to the shocking new sensations of horny hands grabbing and groping his naked, upturned ass while probing fingers poke against his tight, virgin hole.”but i’m a top!” lil scrap angrily insists when he hears what his horny co-stars have in mind, and suddenly starts to realize just how vulnerable he truly is….”you ever sucked dick before?!?” stylez taunts the helpless “strict top.” “well, today you is!” stylez replies, his eager dick leaping to full life as he suddenly realizes what he’s about to enjoy.See for yourself what happens next in this unique and surprising “sequel” that forces lil scrap out of his comfort zone and into an uncharacteristically submissive role, and features nearly a full hour of shocking “firsts” for our sexy new star!.