Who Needs Labels?

It’s a hot day, and Kenzo Alvarez is just looking for a cool pick-me-up when he walks into Enzo Muller’s cafe. His stunning good looks and broad bronzed shirtless body leave Enzo speechless. Despite his incredible physique, and raw masculinity Enzo insists he put on a shirt. Kenzo admits he’s new to the area, and the starstruck barista offers to show him around town and invites the god-like stud over on the way to a party after work.

When he arrives, Enzo takes a moment to change. Kenzo is open-minded and hasn’t fucked a guy in a while. He admits his mutual attraction and their lips lock, in a moment of pure magnetism. Enzo explores the adonis’ hard body and strips off his shorts to show off his assless jock briefs. He indulges in Kenzo’s hole, rimming him before getting his own ass pounded from behind over the pool table. Enzo gets glanded, spraying a gigantic cum shot covering his chest before Kenzo adds his own.